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    Can you imagine if the fox has equivalent intelligence with a human? It is impossible, but Fantastic Mr. fox can. He is just a normal fox, but he is very smart, so he always salt down farmers (Boggis, Bunce, Bean) by stealing foods. He steals food at Boggis, Bunce, Bean's farm. Their three are rich men, but they're also nasty, and very mean. Boggis is a chicken farmer, he kept thousands of chickens. Bunce is a duck-and-goose farmer. He kept thousands of ducks and geese. Bean is a turkey-and-apple farmer. He also kept thousands of turkeys in an orchard full of apple trees. He makes strong cider which is made from his apple. Fantastic Mr. fox was going to steal some foods at that night like the other days. But, 'Bang! Bang! Bang!' farmers shot off Mr. fox's tail. Then they started to dig Mr. fox's house with the machine. Mr. fox and their family started to dig, and escape their house. They dig, and dig, and dig..... suddenly, Mr. fox found Boggis's chicken farm. They started to kill chickens to steal. Then they found Bunce's giant storehouse. They steal roasted duck and geese again. And finally, they found Bean's secret cider cellar. Starting to stealing, but a huge woman was coming down to cellar. They hide quickly. And escape the danger. When they came back home, they had party. Outside the fox's hole, stupid three farmers were waiting with they guns on their laps. It was beginning to rain. They sat there by the hole, waiting for the fox to come out. And they are still waiting. What a stupid farmer that is! I can't understand about that farmers behavior. And they're so stupid to competition with Mr. fox. It is just as well that Mr. fox won the nasty farmers. I am so happy because Mr. fox won of the end of the story. I think Roald Dahl is imaginative because he thinked of Mr. fox, and the other characters and stories. I recommend this book to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! (except adults)

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Hello!! I'm Dorothy. I'm not very good at writing,
but I will try my best! I want to have bonne experience
by doing this activity. And please leave comment for my book report!!Bye^^
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  1. Jean 2013/08/05 09:53  댓글주소  수정/삭제  댓글쓰기

    Wow~ Dorothy, I love your profile picture. What a fierce reader you are or would like to be. ^-^

    You really summarized the story so well. I also like the way how Mr. Fox outwitted the three farmers. Isn't it interesting that the weak (I think animals like foxes are weaker than men with guns and other resources to trap them.) can overpower someone with more power using their wit, gut and optimism? Is that what made you happy? Could you divide your review into two paragraph and elaborate a little more on what you thought about the story?

    In the attached link, people share their thought on the story. Some of them are really interesting. Hope their ideas help you think of your own more deeply.

  2. Jean 2013/08/06 13:49  댓글주소  수정/삭제  댓글쓰기

    It rains beautifully, today. Do you like rainy days? I do like them as much as sunny days, but they gave me more subtle feelings like nostalgia (I'm not sure if I can say nostalgia can be a subtle feeling. ^-^).

    Can we talk? I'd like you to think of this blog space as where you can think aloud and talk about things that haven't settled down in your system. I have lots of thoughts and I often don't know what my true opinions are among them. They are wandering in my head because I've heard of them somewhere or someone has talked them into me. I still want and try to figure out what I really want and feel. You might think that it's nonsense to say that I don't know what I want and feel. However, if we don't look for them for so long and have tried to think and feel in a way you are told to do, you lose the ability to navigate through others' talks to reach your own one. I'm not here to judge and evaluate your writing. I'm here to think together. Hope you understand my intention.

  3. 나!는! 고안나!!! 2013/08/12 09:44  댓글주소  수정/삭제  댓글쓰기

    I totally agree
    but the summary has to be a little shorter:)