Hi, Dorothy!

Hello Dorothy,

The summer vacation has been so short. I wish we had longer hours to talk, discuss and write about books.  Although my plans and teaching methods would not have been sophisticated enough to elicit both personal and critical reflections as an emerging researcher as well as English teacher myself, you shared your thoughts well and wrote beautiful reviews. Thank you so much for your efforts and sharing.

Before finishing our sessions, could you write your final versions of the second part of your reviews? You wrote three book reviews and I put your second parts of and comments on them as well aw some other book reviews from the "Goodreads" website together in the following attached files. Please post your changed reviews on comment sections of each of your book reviews.

I wonder if you can make some time for an interview about our sessions during next week. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes,

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Thanks for helping my small project of reading and writing during the summer in 2013~
2013/08/14 09:56 2013/08/14 09:56

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