I'm going to tell you about my thoughts about this awesome book I read, Matilda. Ok~ So you propably would have read this book . I thought Maltilda was unfortunate because she had very lame and uneducated parents. In a way having super powers is a amazing and
exciting, but I think that If you are the only one with the super power
you won't be able to live in a normal way. So I thought having super powers isn't always cool. This story was very humorous and funny because of the trouble Matilda went into. I enjoyed this book and I reccomend this book to 3~5 graders.
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    Like you said, having super power wouldn't be always cool, but isn't that interesting that most of us would love to have that kind of power? I also want some super powers from time to time. I know that the desire is coming from a thief's mind, 'longing to do or have what I want to do or have without paying effort, time and money'. However, I find it very interesting to investigate what kind of super power we want, that may show what kind of things we value and want. Then, we can make an effort to realize our desire. What is yours, Rock and Roll?