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My favorite places are restaurant. I like all kinds of restaurants. Foods are more delicious than home. Smells are very good, too. I like talking with my family at the restaurants. Restaurants are good place to talk. They are filled with the sound of people chatting. I think restaurants are fun place.

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Hi, my name is Yujin and I am a third grader. I don't like writing but I am looking forward to writing in this blog.
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    I also love restaurants and cafes. I totally agree with your opinion. Food in good restaurants are always more delicious than my dishes. Good restaurants have their unique atmosphere and make people feel nicely treated. Moreover, It's even more fun to chat when our tummies are filled with good food. However, the most important reason for my love of going to restaurants is that I don't have to cook if we eat out. Cooking can be a fun and enjoyable activity, but it's hard to cook three times a day. At a restaurant, I can fully enjoy the meal without the hassle of cooking and washing up.