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Fantastic Mr. fox


                 Fantastic Mr.fox

    Can you imagine if the fox has equivalent intelligence with a human? It is impossible, but Fantastic Mr. fox can. He is just a normal fox, but he is very smart, so he always salt down farmers (Boggis, Bunce, Bean) by stealing foods. He steals food at Boggis, Bunce, Bean's farm. Their three are rich men, but they're also nasty, and very mean. Boggis is a chicken farmer, he kept thousands of chickens. Bunce is a duck-and-goose farmer. He kept thousands of ducks and geese. Bean is a turkey-and-apple farmer. He also kept thousands of turkeys in an orchard full of apple trees. He makes strong cider which is made from his apple. Fantastic Mr. fox was going to steal some foods at that night like the other days. But, 'Bang! Bang! Bang!' farmers shot off Mr. fox's tail. Then they started to dig Mr. fox's house with the machine. Mr. fox and their family started to dig, and escape their house. They dig, and dig, and dig..... suddenly, Mr. fox found Boggis's chicken farm. They started to kill chickens to steal. Then they found Bunce's giant storehouse. They steal roasted duck and geese again. And finally, they found Bean's secret cider cellar. Starting to stealing, but a huge woman was coming down to cellar. They hide quickly. And escape the danger. When they came back home, they had party. Outside the fox's hole, stupid three farmers were waiting with they guns on their laps. It was beginning to rain. They sat there by the hole, waiting for the fox to come out. And they are still waiting. What a stupid farmer that is! I can't understand about that farmers behavior. And they're so stupid to competition with Mr. fox. It is just as well that Mr. fox won the nasty farmers. I am so happy because Mr. fox won of the end of the story. I think Roald Dahl is imaginative because he thinked of Mr. fox, and the other characters and stories. I recommend this book to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! (except adults)

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