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Tuesday of the other June
I read this book and I thought it was a nice book about ways to fight bullies.
By saying fighting bullies it isn't the physical fighting. The main character June T. has a tough time on Tuesdays at her swimming lessons because of another kid called June M. calling her names and pinching and hitting her.
Well at the end June T. stood up for her self when June M. was threatening her with a sharp pencil June T. said out loud "no! no! no! NO MORE!". June M. got surprised and her eye balls looked as if it would pop out. The kids in the class laughed at June M.. I don't really understand why June T. was afraid of June M. because just because June T. said "no! no! no! NO MORE!" June M. backed down and she didn't bully June T. anymore.
If she had done that before she wouldn't have had to have a hard time in swimming lessons and at school after she moved.
So if I were her I would have sternly said to her to stop.
I recommend this book. It is fun but you may get to know the felling of getting bullied.
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