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Nadia the Willful

Nadia the Willful

I read a book called Nadia the 'Willful'.
Nadia is stubborn and had a flashing temper.
Her father sheik Tarik was the leader of Bedouin.
They always livd in dessert form oasis to oasis.
Tarik had a favorite son named Hamed. Only he could calm Nadia down.
One day Hamed went to find grazing ground for sheep
but he never came back. Tarik was broken hearted of he loss of his favorite son. He forbid people to say Hamed's name for he would punish the people who say his name. But Nadia started talking about Hamed with other people. Her father found out about it and was about to punish those people but Nadia opened her father's heart by talking about the happy memories of Hamed.
I disagree on Tarik's attitude because just because Hamed died I don't think I is a right thing to forget about it. By trying to forget about Hamed, it is trying to forget all the happy memories about Hamed. And evern if Hamed died He wouldn't want people to forget about him, for once he was a very kind and gentle friend to lots of people. If a beloved person die it is bound to hurt, but as time flow you would get used to it.
There for, I strongly disagree about Tarik forgetting about Hamed.


Q: Why do you think Tarik forbid his people to say Hamed's name?


Please write the answer in the comments.
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